Flowerfield Celebrations Wedding in New York // Angela + Gab

April 29, 2022

Kelsey Kleidman


We’re back with another gorgeous event from our most recent wedding season! It’s so difficult to choose which weddings to blog because truthfully we love every one of them. This Flowerfield Celebrations wedding in New York was definitely a special one, and we can’t wait to tell you all about it!

Angela + Gab’s Flowerfield Celebrations Wedding

Once again, this couple inquired with us before having a venue or a date for their wedding. If you didn’t already, this is totally our love language! Angela and Gab wanted to book with us before even chatting on the phone, and that’s when we knew they would be our dream couple. Angela had a specific vision she wanted for their wedding day that we were determined to help her execute. Gab, on the other hand, wasn’t worried about a thing! She was the most laidback bride you could ask for, and she totally let Angela take the reigns. And, we’ve gotta say, their vendor team did an excellent job bringing everything to life!

A family-oriented day

One of the things we loved most about this wedding was how family-oriented it was. We’re huge family people, especially since having our daughter, so we love working with couples who share the same values. Angela and Gab are so close to their loved ones – watching all the emotions on their wedding day really hit close to our hearts! Gab’s mom was a blubbering mess all day (in a way that all moms should be) and Ang’s mom was so unbelievably proud of the girls. All day love, she kept saying over and over again “My girls are finally getting married!” Like, HOW CUTE! This wedding was such a beautiful unity of not just two souls in love, but two families who had a deep love and connection with each other.

Their family wasn’t the only supportive group in attendance – their friends were definitely a close second! In fact, Ang’s brother, who walked her down the aisle, is actually Gab’s best friend. We loved the dynamic between the three of them throughout the day because of how sweet and genuine it was. Jimmy (Ang’s brother) wasn’t just walking his little sister down the aisle – he was handing her off to his very best friend. Cue the tears!!!

A little about Ang + Gab

If there’s one thing to know about these two, it’s that they could not be more opposite. Like we said earlier, Angela was the one who envisioned exactly what their wedding would look like, whereas Gab totally go with the flow. I mean, they do say opposites attract, right?!

Angela is a hairdresser who owns her own salon back home with her co-maid of honor, Alyssa. She’s outgoing, bubbly, the life of the party, and isn’t afraid to show her sexy side! On the other hand, Gab is a police officer who is still super outgoing, but in a more laid-back kinda way. She’s a total boys girl, but still loves a good girl’s night out with Ang and her friends! Ang LOVES to party, so of course Gab’s gotta accompany her every now and then. It was an honor getting to know these two, and we wish them nothing but the best in this new chapter of their lives!

Their Flowerfield Celebrations wedding vendor team!

Here’s a big shoutout to Angela + Gab’s vendor team for their Flowerfield Celebrations wedding!

Photography: KeLi Photography

Makeup: Victora Elizabeth

Hair: The Scissor Samurai

Venue: Flowerfield Celebrations

Florals: Flowers by Burton

Video: Givenchy Jones House of Film

Dress Designer: Eve of Milady

Bridal Shop: Bridal Reflections NY

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