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Simply put, we’re addicted to adventures and love. Being surrounded by amazing couples on one of the best days of their lives is truly unbeatable. Its quiet humbling having a front row seat to the endless incredible moments life offers us that sometimes, the only thing we can do to bring us back down to earth is to strap on our boots, hit the trails and never stop moving forward. After many years behind the camera, we’ve not only gained an eye for finding and capturing the best moments of life and love, but we profoundly appreciate and take pride and joy in documenting them well for you to remember the rest of your life.

We have a deep passion for capturing the wildly in love. We’re not about those traditional, stiff and awkward poses, but who is? We’ll make you feel as natural and as comfortable with us and in front of the camera as humanly possible - we don’t just want to be some weirdos hidden behind the camera, but your friends and confidants, guiding you through the process and capturing your love every step of the way.

We will get the two of you dancing barefoot in the forest, saying ridiculous mildly to highly inappropriate things to each other, laughing until you cry and forcing pizza or ice cream in each other's faces. We’re here to capture the soulful, deep, wild, genuine, playful, loving and intimate moments the two of you share and the raw connection between you.

Your wedding deserves more than pretty pictures - we’ll savor those once in a lifetime moments through authentically-created, visually stunning heirloom photography and videography while navigating through the smoothest, most streamlined and memorable process possible and allowing you to enjoy the experience, while we do the rest.

We’re Kelsey and Liam, a wanderlust filled husband and wife duo and two halves of KeLi Photography

want to see what your wedding day with Kelsey and Liam would be like...

check out the behind the scenes video below for an up close and personal look on what its like to work with us!

born and raised in the Hudson Valley, we travel all over New York, New England and anywhere your love grows

if your soul is on fire for the deepest valleys, the tallest mountains, and the day to day journeys with your best friend - then we’re here to capture it all.

We go far beyond just being your wedding photographers, we’re here to create lifelong friendships and relationships and to give you an unforgettable experience that will not only last on your wedding day, but continue as you grow as a couple and a family. Once you meet us, you’ll understand how we function - we have severe attachment issues and are in love with all of our couples and once you get to know us,
you’re stuck with us for good!

We’re here to be your spiritual guides throughout your wedding journey and help you through the in’s and out’s of your planning process. By building a solid and comfortable foundation between us and the rad couples we work with, we create the freedom and space for you to really be yourselves and let your love shine through in the purest form - that’s where the true magic happens!

As a married couple and creatives, with several years of weddings under our belts, we’ve been through our fair share of experiences. We know the ins, outs and what ifs all too well, and we also know how much it means to have those wedding day memories captured for the rest of time. When it comes to your wedding, we are all there. We’ll be there to celebrate with you, cry alongside you, dance our butts off on the dance floor with you and toast to the two of you officially being stuck together forever! Let’s create an experience that truly lets your love shine through!

Our Story

Magical things happened when a Gemini and a Libra met on Tinder and bonded over photography, traveling, and pizza. After less than a year of dating and endlessly adventuring through the mountains with our cameras in hand, we blended our separate photography businesses together and began traveling the world capturing adventurous couples in love. Now, seven years later, we are living a life we've only dreamed of in the Hudson Valley - we've been married for over a year and welcomed our first daughter in February 2022 - but that hasnt stopped us from still traveling the world hand in hand, capturing couples in love, with her strapped on our chest and along for the endless adventures!

Meet Kelsey and Liam

8 hour photo packages begin at $6,500
8 hour combined photo/video packages begin at $11,500
8 hour video packages begin at $5,000

let the ultimate love filled adventure begin
fill out the inquiry form below and we will get back to you within 48 hours

let the ultimate love filled adventure begin
fill out the inquiry form below and we will get back to you within 48 hours

let the ultimate love filled adventure begin
fill out the inquiry form below and we will get back to you within 48 hours


- Hallie and Dan

While searching for the perfect photographers in the beginning of this journey, I was stressing, HARD. I stumbled upon Kelsey and Liam's Instagram page and, well, the rest is history. I fell in love with their work and instantly inquired with them. We set up a phone call for a few days later, and an hour into our phone call, we just knew they were the perfect fit for us.

Kelsey and Liam are AMAZING; both at what they do and just as individuals in general. They have SUCH a passion for what they do, but they also have a passion for building a true relationship with their clients. From the beginning, Kelsey and Liam were just like friends we had known for years. Texting you to check in with you, texting you during the holidays, and genuinely showing you that they care and are SO excited to play a big part in one of the biggest days of your life. I mean, how could you go wrong?!

From the engagement session to the day of, everything they do is incredible and everything they touch is seriously GOLD. I can confidently say that they are in your corner, cheering you on, building you up, making you laugh, and getting the most incredible shots you could imagine - all at the same time. My husband is not big into pictures but Liam and Kelsey made him (and I) feel so completely comfortable with the process from day 1. I remember leaving our engagement session and saying to each other how freaking excited we were for our wedding day because we truly had the BEST photographers and we couldn't wait to see what they capture. They did NOT disappoint the day of!

Kelsey and Liam showed up the day of and got right to work - ready to take on the day. The second Kelsey walked in the bridal suite, she brought such an amazing vibe in with her and the party felt like it was just beginning :) She instantly clicked with our wedding coordinator and the two of them worked amazingly together. My husband also could not say enough great things about Liam and how he was with the guys. He just has a great yet calm demeanor about him and is also hilarious and fun. THESE TWO ARE THE BEST OF BOTH WORLDS, GUYS.

They are hilarious and up for ANYTHING. We literally walked down the back of a mountain for pictures with this amazing sign, that you can only see from one of the bike trails, after our first look... That my husband said he wanted to go down to. We all trekked down to it and Kelsey and Liam gave us some of the most INCREDIBLE shots in this area! We then walked back up the bike trail (yes, while there was a big possibility a biker could be coming down) for pictures while hiking our way back to the top. They say it all the time "anything for the shot" and they truly do exhibit that.

Kelsey and Liam were fantastic at giving JUST enough direction, when needed, but also just capturing the most amazing candid shots throughout the day. I can honestly say, we truly did make the BEST decision when we found them. If you need a photographer, I would 100000% recommend them! Where else can you find friends AND photographers!? I mean, it's a no-brainer! ;)

- Rachel and Billy

How does one tell an entire love story in a review, where am I supposed to start?! First of all - I stalked their instagram long before I was engaged. I always said I loved their work, so the second that ring was on my finger, I sent an inquiry. I even picked a different wedding weekend than originally planned just to have Ke-Li Photography.

Kelsey & Liam don't take pictures or videos, they make legit memories. They did our engagement photos, engagement love-clip, our wedding photography, and our wedding videography. I highly recommend each and every piece.

Our friends and family absolutely swooned over the engagement photos and video clip. Some people even said, "If the same photographers are doing your wedding, those photos are going to be out of this world!!" and they were 100% correct. I am literally brought to tears when I look at our photos, and get especially weepy when I watch our love clips. The quality and style of their work is like a time machine - it pulls you back to the exact moments and feelings.

Kelsey & Liam, as well as their talented team that was there on our wedding day, are amazing to work with. They are energetic, time-efficient, and hilarious!! They made our entire wedding party comfortable, and evoked genuine smiles and faces from even the toughest of family members.

We are so grateful to have not only hired Ke-Li Photography to cover everything from engagement to wedding day, but also to have found such beautiful, kind souls to add to our list of people that we care very much about. Kelsey and Liam will capture your magic and give you heirloom quality memories that you will absolutely cherish for a lifetime.

- Erin and Adam

We may not have known it at the time, but booking Kelsey and Liam would be the most crucial decision we made during the wedding planning process. We knew their work was stunning (our pictures are perfect and more than we ever could have asked for/expected!!), but what we did not know upon booking is how good of people they were and the lengths they’d go to to follow through for us.

Our April 24th , 150+ person wedding was canceled due to the global pandemic situation and we were left with a few decisions to make and not a lot of clarity as to when things would return to normal in the wedding world. After some thought, my fiancé and I knew that “rescheduling” the big wedding was not something we truly wanted and that our main concern would be starting our lives together. We floated the idea of a private Airbnb backyard elopement to Kelsey and Liam for April 11th and they jumped right on board enthusiastically. With only about a week to finalize a plan, they went above and beyond and turned into full blown wedding planners. They spoke on their own with our florist(@hudsonvalleyfloral— also amazing!!) who not only got a bouquet and boutonnière to us, but provided a full blown arch with a floral display. They rallied a few friends/vendors we hadn’t even me or booked to pull together a beautiful cake and a customized vinyl “elopement” announcement so we could share with friends and family. Not being able to have our family with us was extremely difficult, but Kelsey and Liam rallied around us all day and felt more like friends than anything (extremely talented photographer friends of course ). We knew the day would mean the world to us no matter what, but they created something truly special.

We would recommend KeliPhotography to any couple, regardless of your vision— or lack there of. They provided us moral support, guidance, a lot of laughs every step of the way—along with their ridiculous talent to capture some of the most important moments of our lives !! Book them !!!

- Jean and Brian

Words cannot describe the talent behind this photography group. A wedding can be stressful enough, a wedding during a pandemic is a whole other story. Kelsey & Liam rolled with ALL of the changes and even opened up availability for couples that had to re-schedule. They are SO MUCH more than photographers and small-business owners. They help you plan, support you, laugh with you and love with you. They were an integral part of our day! They bring such an indescribable energy to your wedding as soon as you book them. From your engagement shoot to the very last click of the camera, they are there for you every step of the way, no question is too silly or job too big. Kelsey helped my MOH bustle my dress and Liam helped the groom & groomsman with their boutonnieres. They very quickly assess a photo location and come up with creative yet natural photo ideas and poses! They can take the most ordinary location and make it look editorial in their photos. They allow for raw emotions and situations to flow organically, Kelsey & Liam are so in tuned with one another and sync up with you and your significant other. They are pure joy on one of the happiest days of your life. 

- Mackenzie and Tyler

We found Kelsey and Liam on Instagram about 6 months from our wedding date and were so lucky to book them for one of their last available Saturdays of the season! I can’t recommend these two highly enough. I fell in love with Kelsey and Liam’s wedding photos on Instagram for months before reaching out, they are amazing! When I reached out to Kelsey to see if they were free for our date, we set up a call that went at least an hour and she made me feel so comfortable and also excited! We’d been starting to get wedding stress and talking to Kelsey reminded me of all the things to be excited about. She asked all about me and my fiancé as a couple, our story, our venue and what our vision was for the wedding and her enthusiasm was contagious. Kelsey is such a warm, amazing person and I knew she had to be a part of our day. I also can’t highly recommend them enough because having 2 photographers is essential to getting good wedding day coverage. Kelsey started the day with me and my bridesmaids and Liam started the day with my fiancé and his groomsmen so we will get getting ready photos! These two were LIFE SAVERS from teaching my now husband and all his groomsmen how to put on their boutonnieres to feeding me bagel bites in the car on the way to my first look in my mom’s car to bustling my dress like a pro when my sister and bridesmaids couldn’t figure it out. Kelsey and Liam are the sweetest couple and work hard too. They work amazingly together and added so much fun to the vibe but were also super professional and organized. Our wedding day was fun, magical, beautiful and everything ran on time which never happens! We are SO happy with our photos. They are by far the most attractive photos we have ever taken (agreed upon by me and my husband)!! and I am so grateful! Kelsey and Liam not only captured the magic of our day but also added to the fun and joy. Will recommend them to all of my friends who are next to get married! Thanks you guys!!

We’re heirloom creators for the adventurous souls and wild at heart.

We’re a videography and photography duo based in The Hudson Valley, Upstate New York and New England. But as always, there’s more to us and our passion than meets the eye - here’s what it’s like to work with us.

The Experience

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